Ms. Andrea Kulik



Degrees and Certifications:

To Infinity and Beyond

Welcome to 6th Grade Science with Ms. Kulik!


I am so excited to teach, inspire, and open your eyes to the amazing BIG WORLD of SCIENCE

Science is my passion and I hope you are ready for the adventures we will be taking as we travel the depths of Earth Science.


A little Information About Me: 

I am excited to be entering into my 10th year of teaching, but this is my 3rd year at Glenside Middle School.  Before Glenside I taught High School Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science.  

I love to travel espeicslly to the beach, Europe, and of course Disney World.  

I am a huge Disney Fan and Harry Potter- so make sure you test me on my knowledge!

This year I will be finishing up my masters in administration to hopefully one day be a Science Department Chairman at a High School.  

Elephants, Sour Patch Kids, Goldfish Crackers, Country Music, Sunshine, & Pineapple are just a few of my favorite things.  Do we have anything similar?