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  • 5th Grade Teachers
    Ms. Conner
    Ms. Del Monaco
    Ms. Evans
    Ms. Geraghty
    Ms. Gravina
    Ms. Jones
    Mr. Mortensen
    Ms. Murphy
    Ms. Zbylut
  • 4th Grade Teachers
    Ms. Broker
    Ms. Burns
    Ms. Cauljan
    Ms. Fountain
    Ms. Garcia
    Ms. Glancey
    Ms. Moretti
    Ms. Sanchez
    Mr. Schesvold


  • Specials Teachers
    Ms. Anderson- Art
    Ms. Christopher- Math Coach
    Ms. Farlee- Reading Coach
    Ms. Kuchta- Challenge Coordinator
    Mr. Levy- Physical Education
    Ms. Long- Band & Music
    Ms. Rebac - STEM