• School Day Hours

    Monday Early Release-8:20 AM -2:10 PM

    Tuesdays-Fridays 8:20 AM-3:00 PM

    Half Days 8:20 AM-11:30 PM

  • 5 Essentials Survey

    Thank you to all families who have completed this survey! If you haven't had the chance yet, please consider spending a few minutes completing the 5 Essentials Survey. We appreciate your feedback and expect to get the results over the summer. This information is important to us as we plan for the 2022-23 school year. The survey will close March 11, 2022.

Spring Break: March 28-April 1, 2022

  • Our School Day Begins at 8:20 AM

    In order to have students safely in the building and ready to begin the school day, everyone must be in their classrooms by the 8:20 school bell. When students arrive after the 8:15 bell, they do not have enough time to be in their seats and ready to learn.

  • Self Certification in Skyward

    Families do not need to continue to use Skyward to self certify before coming to school. We will continue to take temperatures every morning. If your student gets sick while in school, we will notify you and ask them to be picked up from school.
  • Wednesday Lunch Menu Changes

    Until further notice, we will be serving hot dogs every Wednesday. Due to supply chain issues, we are unable to get hamburger patties in. The online menus have been adjusted to reflect this change.
  • CASE Parent Needs Survey

    Each year, the special education cooperative CASE, asks families to complete a survey based on families needs. The survey will remain open through Friday, March 25, 2022.
  • Absences, Early Dismissals, or Late Arrivals?

    Please contact the office for any changes to your student's day.

    630.260.6141 or 630.260.6143

  • February Students of the Month

    We congratulate the following students who are following our school-wide expectations. These students have been great examples of how to be caring, responsible, and always learning.

    Kindergarten-Alejandro R, Rabiah M, Aljina A, Oscar, Teagan

    First Grade-Isla T, Aroosh K, Madelin B, Nalani M

    Second-Leslie P, Jayce C, Gracely S, Emilia P

    Third-Abel R, KC B, Alexandria J, Joshua D, Sofia M

    Fourth-Maxmillliano S, Keylin G, Malay H,


    Thank you for being great leaders at Glen Hill!

  • Happenings in the LMC

    Day of Reading is happening on March 15th! We have decorated our hallways with flags from around the world to match our theme: “Read Around the World”. Kate Messner will be visiting us via Zoom, and each class will have a guest reader from a member of our Queen Bee and Glendale Heights community read aloud a book to them. Students are encouraged to read books about different places and characters from different countries.

    A reading log was sent home with students this week. This log will be used to keep track of all the minutes students are reading. Our school is going to start a Race to the South Pole! It is 9,454 miles from Glendale Heights to Antarctica. Every minute students read, counts as one mile. We need to work together as a school to reach Antarctica by May 10th! Students can keep track of their minutes on the log their teacher sent home and return it to their teacher. I will keep close track of where each grade level is in their journey and it will be announced each week.

    Students also have the opportunity to read 800 minutes between 3/6-4/30 if they want to participate in the Kane County Cougars Reading Program. Students will receive a prize for every 200 minutes read and a free ticket to the Kane County Cougars game on May 13th at 6:30 pm. At the game, students will receive a free drawstring bag, hot dog, and drink. This is optional.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me!

    Libby Sievers- LMC Director esievers@queenbee16.org

  • StarNet Family Presentation-Monday April 4, 2022

    Fears in childhood are the rule, not the exception. Sometimes these fears rise to the level of phobias, where the worries and avoidance actually interfere with the child's functioning. Join child psychologist, expert Dr. Paul Shawler, for a developmental walkthrough to learn what's typical or "normal" at different stages, how to spot when the fears are becoming excessive, and what to do. We will share supportive and practical strategies.

    SNRII Flyer-Fears - Phobias-Shawler-4-4-22.pdf

Queen Bee Developmental Screening Information

  • EnglishSpanishUrdu

                   English                          Spanish                               Urdu

  • Spring Weather Tips

    Even as spring arrives, we still have days where the weather is winter-like!

    Make sure your student is dressed for the weather. They need snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves/mittens to be able to play outside in the snow. If they wear boots to school, they must have gym shoes to participate in PE.

  • Car Line Routines & Reminders

    • Do not use cell phones while driving in the parking lot.
    • Do not get out of your car while in the car line.
    • There is NO LEFT TURN out of our parking lot.
    • We will try to get cars moving through the line as quickly as possible. Do not pull out of the line, as that slows down traffic. We will direct cars to pull out if necessary.
    • We encourage families to park along Glen Hill Drive and walk up to the school if they do not want to wait in the parking lot. Signs are posted where parking is allowed along Glen Hill Drive.
    • When our busses pull into the bus lane in the mornings, they will honk before pulling in. This is because they need a wider turn when approaching the bus lane safely.
    We appreciate everyone's cooperation when dropping and picking up your students at school. Our goal is to have a safe and efficient car line.
  • Nurse's Corner

    Hello Glen Hill Parents!

    For the month of February, I have been pushing into 3rd and 4th graders classrooms to discuss the topic of personal hygiene. Some things we discussed were how important it is to care for your body as you grow and develop, analyze what it means to grow up, define good hygiene, take responsibility for self-grooming and hygiene and set goals for keeping clean.

    This included having a conversation about the following:

    • Showering and changing our clothes every day

    • Wearing deodorant if we are feeling smelly

    • Brushing our teeth twice a day

    • Washing our hands whenever we use the bathroom, sneeze, cough, etc.

    • Check-ups at the doctor and dentist

    While simple, these ideas act as a great conversation starter for your students when talking about how to care for themselves. As they are getting older, they have more and more responsibility to care for their bodies–both physically and mentally. If your student has any questions, be open to having a conversation! Ask them what they learned about good hygiene and see what they say. Remember, everybody has a body, and it’s our student’s job to take care of them when they are changing!

    If your student needs any hygiene products that you have difficulty getting, please contact me via the information below. I am happy to help! Our students are growing and changing, and we can help them through this process.

    Our goal is to have good hygiene because that is what can help us stay happy, healthy, and learning!

    Nurse Jenna



  • Bus Lane

    These are reserved for our busses. Please park in the parking lot when arriving at Glen Hill. Do not use the bus lane during the school day.
  • Need Help from the Office? Make an Appointment

    Please remember that the beginning and end of the day are very hectic for everyone. If you stop by to see someone in the office during these times, we will ask you to wait until we've taken care of students. You can always make an appointment to see us. This can save you time in your day.
  • SEL Spot

    One way to practice the Problem Solving Steps at home is to follow this. Next time your student tells you about a situation that might be bothering them at school, try walking them through these steps:

    Big picture

  • Common Sense Media-Spotting Fake News & Decoding Media Messages

    With so much media and information coming at us through television, phones, social media, and more, it's more important than ever for kids to understand the basics of media literacy. When kids can identify different types of news and media and the methods and meanings behind them, they're on their way to being critical thinkers and smart consumers.

    Big picture
  • Severe Weather Dismissal

    When we have inclement weather, we do not want to send students outside to wait for their rides home. We will hold students in the building and call them out to the cars once a family arrives. If there is enough time, we will send out an email blast notifying families of the dismissal process as it occurs.

    For walkers, please pick up your student at the back of the new gym. We will dismiss all walkers out the back door (Door 12)

    Car riders will exit Door 13. Please do not stand close to Door 13, since that slows down our ability to safely get students from the building.