Glen Hill Expectations
  • Welcome to the Glen Hill School website!  We hope this provides you with a snapshot of life as a Glen Hill Dolphin.  


    Glen Hill is an elementary school located in the Village of Glendale Heights.  We are a school of approximately 400 students in kindergarten through fourth grade.  


    The school staff, students, and parents are proud of the educational opportunities provided for our students.  They participate in engaging learning experiences throughout the school day.  We utilize a research-based literacy curriculum that includes authentic texts to ensure each student can see themselves positively through the pages they read.  Students read authentic literary and informational texts. Instruction focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening in response to text.  Students also engage in a comprehensive mathematics curriculum that promotes project-based learning and visual learning strategies.  Our classrooms also use a social-emotional learning curriculum to help students increase their self-regulation skills, which is the ability to monitor and manage emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.  Students at all grade levels are part of a specials rotation that includes music, art, STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math), and Physical Education.  We have systems in place to address the needs of all types of learners, from intervention to extension.  We know every child learns in different ways and at different paces.  Every classroom has a variety of technological resources available for students and staff, such as Smart Boards, Chromebooks, and tablets.


    We encourage our families to be active members of our school.  It is our belief that the support of our families is vital to the success of our school.  Working together to help all students be successful is what makes Glen Hill a great place to learn.  We welcome volunteers to come into the classrooms see be a part of the exciting things we do everyday.


    Our school-wide expectations are We Are Caring, Responsible, and Always Learning.  The dedicated staff has the desire to create an environment that allows children and their families to feel welcome, and safe and to believe that students’ talents and abilities will be developed.  


    Please feel free to contact us at 630.260.6141 if you have any questions or would like to come and visit!